I have written a series of one hundred and seventy two nuggets of inspiration that flowed through me. These one hundred and seventy two writings range in size and content. They are largely focused on positive insights that have arrived within me and that I have written down to share with you, the reader.


My main intention in writing this book is to shine forth a greater understanding of love, unity, freedom, manifestation, gratitude, and an overall expression of living life as best we can in each and every moment.


In these writings, there are tools, stories, recommendations, and much more. All of these are intended in the most loving manner, to deliver an opportunity to receive a greater understanding of life, love, ourselves, and ways to venture successfully throughout this life.


These writings are things I have observed, understood, gained insight on, or were inspired to write. All are intended with the most loving expression, so I trust that all will receive these words with love, joy, appreciation, and insight.


Thank You!

Book - Nuggets of Inspiration